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My smartphone has fallen into the water, how can I save him?
  • Upon entering in the housing of the smartphone, the liquid comes to circuit sooner or later. As soon as you notice that the phone came in contact with liquid, immediately remove the battery, SIM card, and if you have a memory card. Open all the hatches on the phone. Smartphone battery which can not be removed is a bit more of a problem, but at least remove the SIM card and have the device serviced.

    It is not advisable to disassemble mobile phone parts, unless you're an expert. Never use a hair dryer because it will only expel the liquid into parts that might previously have not been compromised. You may use a vacuum cleaner, but in moderate suction power. Also, do not place the phone in the sun to dry faster.

    After that, you can close in a bowl of dry rice, and even better is if you have Silica Gel. In this case, place the device in a plastic bag and close it while Silica Gel absorbs liquid.

    After 20 hours (certainly not before), if you think that the cell phone has become dry, replace the battery and try to turn it on. If that fails, or fails in a way that the device is doing some work, make sure it is as soon as serviced.

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