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Today, when anyone can be a photographer...
Author: Donald Debeljak
... a chicken sometimes hits the grain! And without much difficulty, what happens? Today everyone has access to the camera, as opposed to the historical situation. Don't get me wrong, this is not bad.
It will sound rough when I use an old saying that "a blind chicken sometimes hits the grain" but she's ideal to describe the situation. Photography is available for everyone, however, from the fact that there are so many photos, you must find at least one good.

I know many people who purchased some serious DSLR and immediately declared them selves as photographers. This category includes the entry level DSLR's (ranging from around $500) and those of which the professionals start mouthwatering. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am not a photographer. I've only had a chance to engage myself in photography and related industry for a longer period of time. And in this period I recorded an enormous number of photos with various equipment, ranging from $350 ones, to those whose value exceeded $50,000 (first and last name Hasselblad H2D). But that doesn't make me a photographer, just a user of the camera and photography enthusiast who prefers to catch a moment and sometimes learn on photographic theory. Just because I mastered that, theoretical part, I think I made a little scratch on the surface of the craft. And so I am a little bothered by what everyone call them self photographers only because they have the equipment. It is not nearly enough. But easier access to the equipment has yielded some extremely talented people. And it is a light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone can try and become infected with the virus that's called photography.

The problem lies in the fact that artisanal part of it is forgotten, because photography is just that, craft.

It doesn't really matter which camera do you use when shooting. It is important that at the same time you enjoy and try to convey a story and the energy. Some media have very attractive offers - "Work with Us", "Be our photojournalist", "Earn some money". All the fuss is here because of this crisis. But is it a good enough reason to give up ethics and morals? Just as we are witnessing the rapid loss of the same in journalism, and where does this lead us? On the other hand, it becomes difficult to hide something or cover it up, because it is a high probability that someone has already recorded it.

And what to say at the end. Did I managed to answer the question from my editor: "Is it good or bad that today everyone can be photographers and photojournalists." The only coherent answer I can offer is that I am looking forward to easier access of technology because according to the theory of large numbers (more beautiful allusion to the blind chicken) from a large number of attempts, something has to turn out good. When you snap, think about what your photo your photo will evoke in the viewer. 

Donald Debeljak
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