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Apple presented iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
The new iPhone models will appear in shops at September 16th
Apple presented the new iPhone 7, and alongside, a slightly larger version, the iPhone 7 Plus. The basic model will have a screen with diagonal of 4.7 inches and 7 Plus will stretch up to 5.5 inches. The good news is that both models are (finally) resistant to water and dust, but Apple has prepared more surprises.
Apple get rid of the standard 3,5-millimeter audio jack on the new iPhone, but they've replaced it with Lightning adapter

The biggest surprise, and what was mostly speculated recently, is the lack of a standard 3.5-millimeter headphone connector. Apple "killed" one of the oldest standard inputs in the world. But that doesn't mean the complete disappearance of the jack, because Apple introduced the Lightning adapter, which will have microUSB 2.0 on the one side, and standard audio connector on the other. Fortunately, it's part of the standard selling package, so users should not feel any difference.

Apple has tried to compensate this lack with AirPod wireless headphones. The question is how will they succeed, because they are actually a miniature, and consequently easy to lose. Aggravating circumstance is that AirPods must be purchased separately for $159.

Another major change concerns the Home button, which is not mechanical, or tangible. The Home button will now be virtual and touch-sensitive. Users could still feel it under their fingertips thanks to Taptic Engine, which will vibrate when messages, notifications or calls are received.

iPhone has a new 64-bit quad-core A10 Fusion, and Apple claims it's 40 percent faster than its predecessor

Yet another change are the improved cameras. While the iPhone 7 has a standard wide-angle rear-view camera with 12 MP, the new flash and f1.8 lens, iPhone 7 Plus will have dual rear camera. One is wide-angle and the another is telephoto, which is used to capture details in the depth of the frame. The cameras on both devices will have optical image stabilization and a new photo-processor which uses machine learning to enable better auto-focus, exposure, and color correction. There were speculations about capturing 3D photos, but it still belongs to the future.

iPhone has a new processor. It is a 64-bit quad-core A10 Fusion, and Apple claims it's 40 percent faster than its predecessor. "Seven" have got a new, stronger battery, which allows for two more hours of work on the model 6S or an extra hour on the Plus version. The antenna is built-in the back case, at its top and bottom edge, so there will be no those ugly lines in the midst of the back cover.

"Seven" have got a new, stronger battery, which allows for two more hours of work on the model 6S or an extra hour on the Plus version

The new iPhone screen is 25 percent brighter, which is also a useful change. New iOS 10, which will be available on the iPhone, will be launched on September 13th, therefore we will wait a little longer so we can analyze real improvements in comparison with the previous OS. Access to applications remains the same - through the App Store, which will be enriched with the Super Mario Go game, which, unfortunately for all users of the new iPhone, will not be free.

Orders for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus opens on Friday, but the market will find devices already on September 16. The starting price for the iPhone 7 is $649, and for 7 Plus is $769. Of course, the price will depend on external memory of the device, as the iPhone 7 will come with versions of 32, 128 and 256 GB.


More about iPhone 7.

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