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The best smartphones we've tested in 2016
You won't make a mistake by purchasing one of these top models
The end of the year is close. It is time to look at the best and highest quality smartphones that you can buy in all stores. The list is made only by the phones that we've had in hands, and therefore recommend what makes them the best.

1. LG G5

After the phenomenal LG G4 model, Koreans have presented a beautiful succesor which is really different from others. LG G5 has a little bit more affordable price (around $425-450) which is, due to the prices of competitors and offered specs, the biggest advantage. LG G5 with a 5.3-inch display (554 ppi) offers beautiful colors, and LG Friends accessories that can be attached to the bottom of the device. The biggest drawback is the little things that are simply annoying - virtual keys are not separated from the screen, but are part of it.


2. Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus

Most anticipated phone of the year, justified the title. You don't ask for the price, because the new iPhone is sold in tonnes, while the old models are still keeping solid prices in the Classified sections. However, you will need to set aside at least $700 for the new Apple smartphone, and even more if you buy it with post-paid arrangement. The new models are even better than the previous 6S and 6S Plus devices, finally offering 4K video recording and superior cameras (7 Plus even has two of them). As far as the operating system is concerned, many say that the iOS 10 best they've seen so far from Apple. The biggest drawback is still closed ecosystem, which means tht you can transfer only camera photos from the iPhone's memory.


3. Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Samsung's top model Galaxy S7 Edge stands on the top with curved edges of the screen. The 5.5 inch screen on the S7 Edge (534 ppi) has the best display, alongside the iPhone 7. The advantage is the extremely powerful chipset with a phenomenal camera. In addition, Samsung offers a physical button below the screen, which makes the device management easier. The price is slightly down from the beginning of the sale, but still moving a bit over $550, and you can always buy a little better and a little less attractive, "ordinary" S7. The biggest drawback is the fact that we don't have one.


4. HTC 10

HTC 10 hasn't thrilled with design as it is known to do in previous years. I still remember the One M7 as their best model compared with the competition that year. However, "ten" is not lagging behind in other specs from the above mentioned competitors (Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM). It stands out with excellent cameras that deliver superb images in low light conditions. The disadvantage are a little darker Super LCD5 5.2-inch (565 ppi) screen, although the display quality is beyond doubt, and the price of $520 or more, which is too much in comparison with LG G5.


5. Lenovo Vibe X3

Last on this list is affordable (with the price below $400), but again with the impressive looks and good performances. Lenovo Vibe X3 offers a huge 5.5-inch IPS display (401 ppi) display quality, two advanced cameras and two front speakers. The disadvantage could be a Qualcomm 808 chipset, which is somewhat weaker than on the above mentioned competitors. Lenovo Vibe X3 comes in a more favorable version, Vibe X3 Lite, that offers somewhat weaker chipset with an extremely attractive price of around $200.


Finally it should be mentioned that some One Plus model may occur without a problem on this list. But we haven't test one of them yet. Note that the new revolutionary top models will not be presented until February 2017, and so, by buying one of the devices on this list, you will not go wrong. In addition, you will have the latest model for another half of year.


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