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Ultimate transformer: LG G5 review
Android 6.0.1 | 5,3" | 16MP/2x8MP | 4GB RAM | 2800 mAh
Ultimate transformer: LG G5 review
  • Built-quality and in-hand feeling
  • Phenomenal rear and front cameras
  • Modules (LG Friends)
  • Battery life
We got the LG G5 to test. Honestly, I did not expect much from this mobile phone when I have seen it in the pictures from web and specifications, but it really impressed me. I was very surprised and LG G5 definitely deserves more attention.

Ergonomics, design & build quality

LG-G5-review-hands-on-3.jpgEven before you remove the G5 out of the box but you will notice a creative packaging. In the box with the product you get a pair of better In-ear headphones and quick charger. When you take LG G5 in hand, you will see that it is actually very attractive and looks much better than the pictures. I particularly like the upper part of the screen that is slightly curved.

The feeling in your hand is great, the G5 is very smooth, but again will not slip. The casing is made of metal and painted over with a special color coating, but nevertheless will not slip out of your hands. The build-quality is extremely strong. The unit is a bit heavier in the hand (159 grams), which gives a good feeling. In addition it is very thin with slightly thinned edges (7.7 mm). After LG G4 that had leather or metal back side, LG G5 has maybe a little non-creative design, but wil leave it to you to decide whether you like.


Display and keyboard

LG-G5-review-hands-on-1.jpgLG G5 has a 5.3 inch IPS Quantum display with QHD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels) and pixel density of 554 ppi which gives a very good contrast and truly faithful color reproduction. The maximum viewing angle and contrast are very good, but not as the AMOLED screens on the most expensive Samsung devices. There is always on display function - consumes less power than the Galaxy S7, but it is not as customizeable.

The display can be clearly seen outside in the direct sunlight, though not yet the best we have seen in these conditions. Virtual keyboard has enough separated keys and offers number figures in the top row. In addition, the keyboard height can be adjusted for better handling.



Li-Ion battery in the LG G5 is slightly worse compared to the previous LG G4 model, and competition. More specifically, it has the capacity of 2800 mAh. According to official data from producer, it will withstand up to 400 hours of standby time, and up to 20 hours of talk-time (3G on). That actually translates to barely one full day of advanced usage on LG G5. This can be forgiven because the battery is removable and there is an additional module for the camera, which has a slightly larger battery (additional 1200 mAh).

LG-G5-recenzija_test (4)_740x492.jpg


Operating system and usability

LG-G5-recenzija_test (5)_740x492.jpgLG G5 runs latest Androiod Marshmallow V6 that comes with LG UI 5.0 upgraded interface. There is no special menu for the application (app drawer), but the launcher with app drawer can be installed from LG's Smartworlda and it's called Home and App drawer.

Versus the previous version of the LG G4, missing feature is split-screen. I hope that is because the next version Android Nougat will natively support this function. Otherwise, the icons are user-friendly and easy on the eye, and strip from the top offers simple options and fast settings.

Internal memory is 32 GB which is more than enough to install all desired applications and games, and multimedia memory is further expandable with microSD cards up to 2TB theoretical.



LG G5 has a top of the line Snapdragon 820 chipset, which is currently the best on the market. It consists of a processor with four Kryo cores and Adreno 530 graphics processor paired with 4GB of RAM. In the AnTuTu benchmark gives a whopping 140,000 which is better than Samsung S7 and S7 edge or the iPhone 6S. It turns on and starts extremely fast. The camera starts and triggers instantly. Youtube app opens the fastest I've seen so far on a phone, within a second and a half. Everything is really swift.


Rear camera

LG G5 has one of the best phone cameras today. If we take into account the extra wide-angle camera and a variety of manual options with intuitive interface this camera can be declared the best in cellular phones, although Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S offer very similar top quality.

The camera application is started within a second and the first shot is indeed very fast. Operating the interface is very intuitive because it simply switches from the front to the back camera with just a swipe of your finger across the screen. Pinching your fingers switches from wide-angle to this classic camera. The camera interface on the LG G5 is nice and clear.

The main camera of 16 megapixels (f/1.8) gives good results. Photos are really good, faithful reproduction of the colors and images are sharp even at slower movements or when photographed through glass. The photographs have almost no noise so the LG G5 can serve as an excellent camera for travel, family use, or occasionally taking pictures for a job. LG G5 always gives a good and usable image. The camera focuses well when you want to photograph macro details. In low light and night conditions photos from the back the camera are the best you'll get from a cellphone today, and are comparable to cameras from around 400-450$. Of course the photos are not perfect and they can't and don't need to compare with cameras of 750$ types of Sony RX100 or Canon G7 X or are highly usable.

LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (29).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (28).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (32).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (30).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (35).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (34).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (39).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (36).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (37).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (40).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (38).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (21).jpg LG G5 rear camera sample image quality (24).jpg

Additional ultra-wide camera with 8 MP (f/2.4) at LG G5 gives the distinct impression on photos and wow-effect. Pictures from the wide-angle camera are lower resolution and optical are slightly worse than the classic 16MP camera but are still well handled and highly usable, at day and night.

lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (3).jpg lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (6).jpg lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (4).jpg lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (7).jpg lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (5).jpg lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (8).jpg lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (9).jpg lg g5 stražnja širokokutna 8mp kamera primjeri slike fotografija (1).jpg

You can record video in 4K resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) or lower fullHD (1920x1080 pixels) resolution. When switching from wide-angle to the classic rear camera while shooting a video image is quite shaken. Otherwise G5 stabilizes video well, but the images are under-exposed. Details are sharp and generally video will be very useful but still not the best video I've seen on mobile phones. Under low light image in the video lacks sharpness.


Front camera

LG G5 has a front 8 megapixel camera (f/2.0). Quality is really good on front camera too. No details are blurred, photos are really sharp and the colors are natural. The lens is wid-enough, you do not need the selfie stick and will fit more of your friends in the picture. Under low light it also gives very good results.


Connectivity, memory & multimedia

A special feature is the USB connector type C, which can be connected upside down. Through this connector LG G5 supports fast charging and fast data transfer as the USB 3.1 standard. The internal memory of 32GB is expandable to theoretical 2TB via microSD card. Fingerprint sensor does not need to be pressed it is enough just to put your finger and it works very fast and precise (almost instantly).

LG G5 is a modular device and you can connect add-ons to it called "LG Friends" ... special is the removable bottom part to change the batteries and add-ons. Unfortunately we did not get any module on the test, but we know that the accessories that are currently available are Cam Plus camera module that is actually an additional battery of 1200mAh and grip with keys for some manual control of the camera. Then there is the B&O module for superior sound and Cam360 for recording videos at 360 degrees, which is not connected directly to the device.



With A-GPS module, navigation is supported with turn-by-turn voice instructions via Google Maps application. The interface of the app is clean and simple, but not as intuitive as the iPhone or the HereMaps navigation. For this screen size and display quality it's good enough.


Final verdict

LG G5 is a device different from the competitors, unusual even for LG. Well made and I can say that it is a worthy successor of the LG G4. This is actually a new and different cell phone, not the successor of series, which is positive. LG G4 for me remains one of the best mobile phones in general, which are available today in stores. G5 is at least as good, actually better than the G4. As opposed to other competitors is perhaps better but time will tell whether the G5 is ultimately the best phone this year. To me it seams that S7 edge simply offers more attractive design, although LG offers many interesting innovations.

LG G5 is different from all the other smartphones. It's unusual even for LG. Well made and can a worthy successor of LG G4, it comes with a special feature - its bottom is detachable and can host various accessories called "LG Friends". G5 also features a superb camera and advanced chipset.
  • Title:
    LG G5
  • Dimensions:
    149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7 mm
  • Weight:
    159 g
  • Size (resolution):
    5,3 inches (1440 x 2560p)
  • Pixel density:
  • Type:
    Removable Li-Ion 2800 mAh battery
  • Version:
    v6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
  • Chipset:
    Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820
  • Processor:
    Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo & dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo
  • RAM:
    4GB RAM
  • GPU:
    Adreno 530
  • Front camera:
    8 MP, F2.0 aperture
  • Internal memory:
  • GPS modul:
Summa Summarum
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  • Ergonomics, design and built quality
  • Display and keyboard
  • Battery
  • Operating system and usability
  • Chipset
  • Rear camera
  • Front camera
  • Connectivity, memory and multimedia
  • Navigation
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