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iPhone 8: Everything you should know
News and rumors about future Apple's flagship
Rumors about Apple 8 appeared on the day the iPhone 7 was introduced. Since then, a fair number of (somewhat incredible) speculations has accumulated, and we bring them all in one place, noting that this topic will be updated as new news and rumors are arriving, and especially when they are officially confirmed.

Date of release and price

If we judge by the tradition, then we could see a new iPhone 8 in September. In fact, all the iPhone (except the SE) are presented exactly in that month, and there's no overly important reasons why Apple would change that. We can be a little more precise, so subscribe the great jubilee event (10 years iPhone) in the first week of September, due to the fact that the "sevens" were presented on September 7 and the "sixes" on September 9.

iPhone 8 Plus most likely come in the fall with hefty prices

There is speculation that the new iPhone could appear earlier (some say even in June), but it is completely unrealistic, because nobody witnessed the appearance of the new Apple smartphone, even on preliminatory testing of regulatory bodies in the United States. Of course, even it appears in September, you wont be able to buy it right away. Apple usually releases devices on the market more than two weeks after the launch, so it is possible that the lucky ones, who can afford it, have the iPhone before the end of September.

Updated April 25: iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, apparently, should appear in September, and the iPhone 8 sholud come a little bit later, but certainly before Christmas.

The price will be "a breeze". The minimum should be identical to those of the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, and that is $649-$849, for "eight" and $769-$969 for iPhone 8 Plus. We would not be surprised that the price breaks the magical limit of $1000.

Updated April 25: The above mentioned prices are supposed to be put on the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, and the iPhone 8 should be even more expensive, but we don't know for how much.



Something would have to change in the design of the iPhone 8, due to the fact that we see more or less the same phone in the last three years. One of the rumors mentioned glass rear side (like the Samsung Galaxy S7), and does not rule out the possibility of the metal housing. Actually, nobody is quite sure will it have the glass case, in what form, and how the metal parts will be represented. There are many variations, and there is a possibility that 8 should be metallic, and 8 Plus should be made of glass. No one mentioned plastic.

All sensors and speaker should be placed under the screen

As for the rest of the design, the new iPhone wont have a Home button, but it is speculated that the small tactile surface that acted as a MacBook Touch Bar will stand underneath the screen, and wont be large bezels around the screen itself. Also, it is rumored that Apple could leave the Lightning port in exchange for a USB-C, which sounds to us more as compensation for the sin of the audio-jack, and less as a reality.

Updated April 13: New rumors have appeared and it mention the smart connector as a wireless charging option, as well as the option for using the VR and AR equipment.

Updated May 26: iPhone 8 will probably be made of glass with a side aluminum frame. The BGR also featured pictures of the alleged iPhone, which you can see below, and which confirm the design guesswork. In addition, the device should have a curved screen without edges.

iPhone-8-render-2.png iPhone-8-render.png iPhone-8-render-3.png iPhone-8-render-4.png


Chipset and OS

This section is being at least subject to speculation, for the time of initial writing of this topic, so we will be guided by the logic build on previous experiences with the iPhone. It is likely that the iPhone 8 might work with iOS 11, due to the fact that the iOS 10 was presented alongside the "seven". There are no words about its features.

Updated April 25: Apple recently briefed its graphic chip vendor that they would no longer order their equipment, which means that they could devote their own chips, even perhaps for the iPhone 8.

Mentioning the power, Apple has just started with a quad-core chips, so we could also expect something like that on the iPhone 8, under the name A11 or A11 Fusion. We could expect an increase in RAM memory, and most logical to us sounds that the iPhone 8 will have 3 GB, and iPhone 8 Plus 4 GB of RAM.

More RAM and wireless charging are the very likely possibilities

All this must be driven by battery, with, so far, unknown capacity, but with a very clear possibility of wireless charging. Apparently the Energous company creates wireless charger that should charge mobile phones on 15 ft distance, without contact between the charger and smartphone, but we are not ready to believe it yet. We prefer to stick to the aforementioned USB-C connection as the most promising options for charging.

Updated April 25: Apple should almost certainly introduce wireless charging technology, but it is possible that the new iPhone will have as much as 2 batteries.

Updated June 6: New rumors about wireless charging had emerged. There are some renders which show a pad for wireless charging on the rear side of the iPhone 8. It would mean that the option of distant wireless charging is just a wish, but not a true possibility, if these rumors become correct.


Screen and cameras

There are a lot of speculations about the screen. Some claim it'll be curved, others that will be AMOLED, third-ones that will be OLED, and the rest that will be the OLED and LED screens, underneath which should be a front camera sensor, fingerprint scanner, and even a loudspeaker. There's not much talk about the resolution, but it should be a minimum of QHD (1440x2560p) distributed to 5.8 inches diagonal on both models, which kills the previous claims that the device should reach the market in three sizes. We're fans in OLED with QHD resolution, but Apple has the last word.

Updated April 25: There are more loud speculations about possibly curved AMOLED screen without bezels, which should have a resolution bigger than QHD. The diagonal should be larger than 5.8 inches.

The most speculation is made about screen and cameras

The cameras are also one of the features that have the most speculations. Thus, the iPhone 8 should have a classic rear camera, while the Plus version should have a dual rear camera, of which one had a wide-angle lens. As for the resolution, front camera should have 7 MP, while the rear could grow up from 12 MP to the unknown amount at the moment.

An interesting speculation is about the features that should adorn the camera. There are stories about technology of augmented reality, which should be built into the camera, then 3D shooting, which apparently developed in collaboration with LG, and also the option of recognition and manipulation of a human face. Sounds interesting, but the only real in all of this are the pure technical details.


Other features

Several things seem totally real, but, like most of this, unconfirmed. These are the iris scanner and Smart connector, similar to the iPad. Iris scanner is a new hit, which almost all major producers announces it on their flagship models. The technology exists for several years, so it would not be surprising that Apple also has it. Smart connector is already present on the iPad, and it serves for adding peripherals such as the keyboard and the like. This could have a similar purpose, but we do not see it as excessive, except eventual modularity of the device, on which is also more talk in the industry of consumer electronics.

Other features generally seem either unrealistic or futuristic

The "new sensing technology" is mentioned. It means the possibility that the device reacts when you tap it. That sounds like "gestures" to other devices that operate in a way that you write a letter, or a move over the lock screen, that allows you to, for example, listen to music, take pictures or make a call. There are rumors about the technology of face recognition too, which we have mentioned on cameras, but more as a security option, ratherthan entertainment content. The technology exists, but it is somewhat unrealistic on smartphones.

And speaking of security, Apple is reportedly developing a patent that would enable the stolen iPhone to capture photos, fingerprints, and audio or video recordings of thieves and even show the exact location. This sounds quite useful, but also a bit futuristic, but we'd like to see it, like the entire phone. We can't wait for the announcement.


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