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MWC 2017: Everything you should know
Check out which new smart devices will be presented
The 30th Mobile World Congress, consumer equipment fair, starts on Monday in Barcelona. Almost all relevant producers of smart devices will present their novelties for the current year. The same is expected now, and we bring you a list of gadgets that we should soon see in our stores.
MWC runs from February 27 to March 2 and will be held in the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona

Warm-up starts a day earlier, on Sunday, when it is expected that a large number of manufacturers held a press conferences at which they will present their mobile flagships for 2017. The rest of the fair, which runs until March 2, will be a mixed combination of introducing new products and testing out their features on the stalls. It is expected that the great number of smartphones will be presented, so let's check them out first.



BlackBerry/TCL and Nokia/HMD will turn this event into a retro show. The BlackBerry is expected to launch the Mercury, a smartphone that has all the modern features, with the addition of a physical QWERTY keyboard. Nokia, in turn, should present at least three smartphones. The safest calls are models 3 and 5, although at least we don't know much about them. They would be in contrast to the model 6, and should be found in all world's markets. In addition, it was announced the introduction of the Nokia P1, which should attack the most expensive mobile phones in the world. There were many rumors about the return of the Nseries and 3310. It would be nice to see those, but it's completely unrealistic.

From the Far East producers, LG and Huawei stand out the most

We start the list of Far East companies with Chinese manufacturers who have a rapid growth. Oppo will present the "revolutionary" camera technology, called 5x Project, that according to them, should provide a new experience of mobile photography. Although there was no word about it, but we could see a few of their smartphones. ZTE didn't manage to show his Hawkeye (nor will it present), but there is a Gigabit phone, which is allegedly ready to use the 5G network and has a 360° camera for VR and 4K video. Sounds too good to be true. Huawei has made a strong advertising campaign for the new P10, so we expect them to have the most visited booth at MWC.

Although the Chinese are filling the global market with their smartphones, there wouldn't be much of them on the MWC. Xiaomi, OnePlus and LeEco did not come to the fair. Reasons? Xiaomi has nothing to show (just like HTC). On the other hand, OnePlus and LeEco have decided to work on Apple's "tactics" and organize their own events. But that does not mean that almost no one from China will come.

Samsung won't unveil its flagship Galaxy S8

Samsung also joined the group of those "who skipped the class". Although many expected and it was almost certain, Galaxy S8 won't be unveiled at MWC. Everything we might find out about it is the date when it will actually be presented, which is a big disappointment. But we need to understand Samsung, which does not want to enter the market with semi-finished product, especially if it is a flagship. But that does not mean that Samsung will be completely absent from the MWC, so read the article till the end. However, from the southern Koreans there will be LG, which is through announcements and rumors practically already presented its new flagship, the G6. You can read everything about it, so that there will not be surprises. But a feast for your eyes will be the new LG X Power 2, which will have a pretty powerful specifications, and belong to the upper mid-range.

Sony was speculated to present two Xperias. In the end, it came down to one and this is the most likely successor of the Xperia X, who got rigid and uncreative name Xperia X2. There is also Lenovo/Motorola with its Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, which should have "heavy" specs, and a burden for your wallet.



They will not be so much smartwatches at MWC, but there should be enough of them to get noticed. LG will securely show its Watch Sport and Watch Style, that have already been presented in early February. In addition, there Huawei is expected to present Huawei Watch 2, which should steal the show in this segment.

A small number of smartwatches should appear at MWC

In addition, on MWC is scheduled to appear ZTE Quartz, another watch based on Android Wear 2.0. Samsung won't show anything new, but will certainly expose its Gear S3. Maybe, a few more watches will appear it, but it certainly will not have as much influence among the visitors, unless they are design ones.



If you thought that Samsung will show what most of us already possess, you are wrong. In fact, their presence at MWC revolves around the launch of the new Galaxy Tab S3, which was developed for a long time, even it should come on the market, but it didn't. We think that everyone should be glad about that, because they have, probably, removed all the problems that could arise, and added more features.

Lenovo is expected to launch a successor of its popular model Tab 3. This device should continue on path of its predecessor, so it should provide good features at a solid price.

Obviously, everything with the tablets is in the sign of number three. At least three tablets will be presented, and two of them have that figure in their names. One of them is Huawei MediaPad T3, which should be driven by the Snapdragon 825 and OS Android 7.



Although Samsung wont be much present with smartphones and other more popular equipment, it could definitely sweep the competition in the segment of virtual reality. In fact, their Creative Lab prepares 4 projects involving AR and VR, united in the 4 Years From Now platform. It is a platform that will enable businesses and startups to see the MWC 2021. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to see and try the smart aid for blind people can watch TV (Relumino), glasses for viewing PC without monitor (Monitorless), the VR solution for home decoration (VuildUs) and 360° platform for viewing a travel destination (TraVRer).



There will be all sorts of gadget things here. We will not go into the details; you will be able to see everything that is easily portable and has any kind of chip in it. But, two things stand out.

Smart robots and hybrid devices are prominent

The first are the Sony robots, such as The Agent, which imitate pets. It'll get funcionality only when it'll work with virtual assistants, such as Amazon Echo. Yet, they're are only a nice electronic addition to the home.

Another thing is the possible appearance of Samsung Galaxy Book. Such a device, even if it occurs, would be the competition to the Microsoft Surface Book, But its existence is now limited only to the Book Settings app, which can be found in the Windows Store. We hope that Samsung will, at least next year, draw that rabbit out of a hat.


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