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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything you should know
Everything the new Samsung's phablet should have
After Note 7 debacle, everyone has expected Samsung to stop further production and development of this smartphone series. But Samsung did exactly the opposite, and now the first rumors appeared on something that should be presented in next few months as the Galaxy Note 8. We will update the text with new information, as we have been doing it up to now.

Date of release and price

Six months ago, Samsung confirmed that the Note 8 will be for sure on the market this year. When exactly remains unknown and subject to various speculations. Earlier models of Note appeared in September, August and October. So, we could expect the device somewhere in that period.

It's more profitable to Samsung to release the Note 8 later

A later term (even at the beginning of November) would be good for Samsung, because they would buy enough time to solve any battery problems (just in case), but also to make a six month gap since launching the Galaxy S8 and  the S8+.

As prices are concerned, it could certainly be bigger than the S8 twins, which are sold for more than $800.



The Note 8 should look like the S8 duo, with the addition of a smart pen. It should even be bigger than the S8+; for 0.2 inches in the diagonal, and the fingerprint sensor could be located underneath the screen.


Chipset and OS

As chipsets are concerned, the Note 8 should have the same chipsets Like the S8 and the S8+. It is Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835 (depending on the market). What's different is the size of RAM, which could jump up to 6 GB. There is no talk about how much internal memory should it have, so we'll run it to be the same as on the S8.

The Note 8 could have a new interface, maybe even the OS

As far as the OS is concerned, there is no doubt that the device will have the Android Nougat out-of-the-box. The only question is whether the device (in some crazy combination) would have an Android O since the release? It would be nice if TouchWiz (now renamed as Samsung Experience) would be much simpler to use, and Bixby could become much more useful.

The whole device should have a battery with capacity of approximately 3500 mAh, as well as the S8. Technically, Samsung could go to higher capacity without any restraints, but battery problems have eliminated the previous Note model, so it's possible that Samsung will be approaching more cautiously here. Quick and wireless charging options are supported.


Screen and camera

The biggest controversy is made on screen. Its size has not increased since Note 3, so this could change. The only question is whether the screen will grow to 6.2 inches, such as on the S8+ or to 6.4 inches? There are big doubts about the resolution, considering that Full HD is too low, and 4K is ideal, especially for Gear VR.

Most rumors appeared around the screen and the camera

It sounds almost unrealistic that the device should be flexible and that Note 8 is, actually, a long-awaited Galaxy X. However, it is more realistic to have no bezels. In addition, it is much more realistic that the screen will be sensitive to pressure, that is, with various screen presses of the S Pen, it might be possible to access various menus and options. This could also integrate the fingerprint sensor underneath the screen. Sounds good, but we'll see how real it is.

Updated June 8: The screen should really be bigger than on the S8+. A few renders show that it should have even thinner bezels. Specifically, the angles on the upper and lower edges should be shrunk to increase the screen-to-body ratio. It also appears that the fingerprint scanner will really be integrated into the screen. That might confirm the efforts Samsung failed to run on the S8 series.

As the camera is concerned, Samsung is setting up a dual rear camera with a 12 MP wide-angle lens, and a 13 MP telephoto lens. The cameras will be able to combine for 3x optical zoom, which no smartphone doesn't have. Both lenses will have optical stabilization. On the front might be 5 or 8 MP cameras, with selfie autofocus.


Other features

One of the recognizable characters of the Note series is the S Pen, which should appear in the new version with the loudspeaker on top. Besides, it is very likely that we could see the iris scanner on the phone, and Bixby should be improved.

The device itself should be waterproof to the IP68 standard, and it should also support back-up devices such as Gear VR, Gear 360, DeX and others.

Updated June 8: S Pen supposedly might vibrate, along with all the extra aforementioned add-ons.


More about Samsung.

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