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Članak - The worst 3 Apple products which technology still lives
Today, Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. But, it took thirty years of development and a big number of wrong steps. In this article we find out what products were Apple's biggest fails, but still good enough for their technologies to live on iPhones, iPads...
Članak - Top 5 monitors for 2017.
Most people don't put too much effort into buying the monitor. It is usually bought from leftover cash from buying new PC. It's a shame because monitor is the part of PC that we look at sometimes several hours at a time. Time and money put into choosing new monitor is always well spent.
Test - Interesting gamer: Dell Inspiron 7567 review
Dell Inspiron 7567 is a gaming laptop which combines the best of DELLs Inspiron and Alienware line. It is run by the latest chips from Intel and NVIDIA, and has 15.6" FullHD screen. We had it for testing for a week, and here's our review.
Uređaj - Dell Inspiron 7567
The new gaming laptop from Dell's Inspiron series is characterized by the latest generation Intel i5 processor, powerful NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Ti graphics, and 15.6-inch Full HD screen.
Članak - Nintendo Switch is revealed
Nintendo has finally unveiled its long-awaited Switch console. This console offers interesting possibilities, which we will introduce in this article, and comes with a series of improved versions of popular games.
Članak - Pros and cons of VR: How VR headsets affect on our brains
Like any new technology, the VR has caused divided opinions. Some enjoy the benefits of virtual gaming, while others warn on the dangers of dependence on virtual reality, and harmful effects on social skills. Although, still unexplored area, VR already shows great potential for the development of many industries. Some of them might surprise you..
Članak - How modern technology changes our brain
You are not aware of it, but technology is changing your brain right now, while you reading this text. Research shows that the use of technology in everyday life significantly affects the processes in our brain. We became forgetful, our concentration is weakening, but on the other hand, we have developed better visual skills and the ability to multitask.
Test - The curved gaming monitor: AOC C3583FQ review
We got curved gaming monitor from AOC for review. The experience of sitting in front of 35-inch AOC C3583FQ screen is simply phenomenal. Check out our test, especially if you're a gamer and see if it's worth of buying.
Članak - Best gaming configuration 2015 (GTX980, MX Master & G-Sync monitor)
Although we typically test only portable gadgets, over time we wanted to do a video of our powerful configuration. It based on Core i7 Xtreme chipset and one of the most powerful graphics cards - Nvidia GTX 980. Also we tried out Logitech MX Master mouse and AOC 24" G2460PG G-sync gaming monitor with 144Hz.
Test - Gaming laptop: Toshiba Qosmio X70-B-10T review
After some time a gaming laptop arrived from Toshiba. Qosmio x70-A-12x comes with characteristic red color and offers advanced specifications. You can check in our test with video review to see what do you get for real everyday usage of this laptop.
Test - Gaming and multimedia: Asus N751JK review
We reviewed Asus N series laptop - the Asus N751JK, which comes with Bang & Olufsen speakers and special separate bass unit. It's a little more robust, but with aluminum cover it looks nice. We also like Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and Nvidia 850GTX inside. More in our test with a video review.
Uređaj - Toshiba Qosmio X70-B-10T
X70 is the latest in Toshiba's Qosmio series of gaming laptops. It is not among the lightest and thinnest, but it's high up there when it comes to preformance.
Uređaj - BenQ XL2430t
Ovaj 24" BenQ monitor ima 1ms odziva i namijenjen je gamerima. Zahvaljujući privlačnom dizajnu dobio je "2014 RedDot Award". Više o karakteristikama i njegovim specifikacijama na linku.
Uređaj - Sony PlayStation 4
Sony PlayStation 4 je trenutno jedna od najboljih igraćih konzola koja se može kupiti. Pogledajte ostale karakteristike i cijenu.
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DSLR accessories that every beginner needs
Having only a DSLR camera is not enough for a good photo. In addition to the knowledge, you need to have a few extra accessories that will enhance the quality of your photos, and we bring them in this text.
Advantages of IPS display
From the screen which we watched, we came to the display that we can touch. In this evolution diagonal grew, and so have advanced a variety of display technologies (matrix). One of them, today synonymous of quality is IPS.
Hello World! GdgtCompare is launched...
Hello guys! We present you, our new english based website for portable gadgets comparison. We will be covering news, reviews, topics and a lot more.
[VIDEO] Hands-on preview: Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5
New series of smartphones from Samsung consists of Galaxy A5 (5-inch) and Galaxy A3 (4.5-inch) beautifully designed and shaped in metal body, with slim design and advanced hardware inside. We tried them out shortly after Samsung's presentation.