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The secrets of SSD drives
One of the most important things when purchasing a computer is definitely storage space. The size itself isn't the only important thing. It's also important which drive is in the computer. Today, we will tell you more about SSD drives, which are getting more popular in the market.
Samsung revealed Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
Finally, that day has come. Yesterday, Samsung presented its flagship models for this year. It is the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus, which should be presented at the end of February in Barcelona. But it was worth waiting. Now we have two top models, and you can read everything about those in our article.
The best 5 used smartphones (2016/2017)
Many of us want to have the best smartphone, but some can't afford it and all. One option is to purchase used top model, that was popular two years ago. All smartphones on this list have slightly thicker profile, in comparison with the latest models. Also, their batteries most likely do not work as well at the beginning, so it is advisableable to include the cost of a new battery in the price.
Hands-on review: Moto Mods for Moto Z Play
Motorola is the first manufacturer that offers a modular phone. The Z Play may not be modular in a way that some might like (you can not change or upgrade the RAMs, processor and other key components), the idea is still great developed, and functioning in a way that when you buy the phone, you can easily add accessories such as projector, advanced Hasselblad zoom camera, extra battery, and JBL speakers on it.
Xiaomi Redmi 4A
In our hands, we had an original Chinese Xiaomi smartphone with 5.0-inch screen, 13MP rear, and 5MP front camera, with classic design. You can conveniently find the device in the Amazon webshop offering, and see how impressed we are in the review.
  • Thin, light-weight, with good ergonomics
  • Rear 13MP camera good at day-light
  • Sound quality on expensive headphones
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Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5
We've had the Panasonic GH5 in our hands. It's a new 4K video mirrorless camera that appears more like DSLRs by its size. We tried its photo and video capabilities, so check out our review with the video test.
  • Flawless video quality
  • Advanced video functions
  • Stabilized sensor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Ergonomics
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Philips Brilliance 328P6VJEB
We had 4K Phillips Brilliance 328P6VJEB monitor with 32“ diagonal on review. It has VA matrix, 10-bit color depth, so it will be great not only for regular use, but even for more professional use. Check our review and video test.
  • Very sharp display and great colors
  • All ergonomic functions you might need
  • Picture in Picture mode
  • Big 32" diagonal
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30 years of GIF
Today's communication relies on the visual aspect. We are congested with photos and videos, and GIF has also gained popularity. The short moving thumbnail format has turned 30 few days ago, and in this topic we bring you everything you need to know about it.
The secrets of SSD drives
One of the most important things when purchasing a computer is definitely storage space. The size itself isn't the only important thing. It's also important which drive is in the computer. Today, we will tell you more about SSD drives, which are getting more popular in the market.
What's HDR, and what does it mean for your TV?
More and more HDR TVs appear on the market. These three letters are very important to the quality of the display, but most people mix it with resolution and other parameters, so we will explain what really lies behind this abbreviation.
The best cameras on budget smartphones
Cameras are one of many things customers look at when buying smartphones. Of course, in a world that becomes more and more visually oriented, it is worth having a good tool for photographing yourself, friends, nature... But, you do not have to get deep in your pocket to get quality photos from your smartphone. We have found 5 affordable and quality smartphones with respectable camera quality.
How to add numbers on Xperia virtual keyboard
I saw that some Sony Xperia phones can add numbers to the top as a fifth row of virtual keyboard as plenty of Samsung and LG's have numbers on top. Can my Xperia Z have numbers and how do I set it up in the settings to display numbers on top of the virtual keyboard?
Canon 5D Mark IV: The (r)evolution?
Canon 5D Mark IV: The (r)evolution?
Autor: Marko Šolić
Canon 5D series has over the years become tested "workhorse" of various kinds of professional photographers, but most adored by wedding photographers. Can Canon keep up with the arrival of increasing competition from Nikon and Sony?
Androids are better, iPhones are more expensive. Here's why
Androids are better, iPhones are more expensive. Here's why
Autor: Dominik Gašparić
After late coffee break with editor I couldn't sleep. Maybe because of the editor, more likely because of iPhone SE. Even though I believe that top Android devices exceed iPhone in every possible way (better camera, long-lasting battery, sharper screen with better color reproduction, customization, better sound quality...) for average iPhone you still have to pay quite more than Android equivalent.
Every home will have a 3D printer?
Every home will have a 3D printer?
Autor: Ivo Maric
It's really difficult to find someone who hasn't heard about 3D printing yet. In lots of media you can find news about 3D printed guns, airplanes, cars, houses and organs. There is a magical aura around 3D printers, they are treated as devices straight from science fiction that will change the world as we know it and allow anyone to produce anything they want by simply pushing a button. The reality is much different.
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DSLR accessories that every beginner needs
Having only a DSLR camera is not enough for a good photo. In addition to the knowledge, you need to have a few extra accessories that will enhance the quality of your photos, and we bring them in this text.
Advantages of IPS display
From the screen which we watched, we came to the display that we can touch. In this evolution diagonal grew, and so have advanced a variety of display technologies (matrix). One of them, today synonymous of quality is IPS.
Hello World! GdgtCompare is launched...
Hello guys! We present you, our new english based website for portable gadgets comparison. We will be covering news, reviews, topics and a lot more.
[VIDEO] Hands-on preview: Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5
New series of smartphones from Samsung consists of Galaxy A5 (5-inch) and Galaxy A3 (4.5-inch) beautifully designed and shaped in metal body, with slim design and advanced hardware inside. We tried them out shortly after Samsung's presentation.