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We've tried out: Logitech K780 keyboard
Since the today's devices are smaller and work on touch, it's useful to have a good quality keyboard. We've tested the Logitech K780 Multi-device keyboard, which looks really cool and gives a good feeling when typing.
Five most important features of iOS 10.2
After a zillion of beta versions, Apple finally released iOS 10.2. Although this seems like a small upgrade of the system, it brings a number of new features, and the most important ones we picked in this article.
The best smartwatches in 2016
Smartwatches are still unknown to many people for a good reason. Usually nobody needs them during the day, and some of the best watches are too expensive. Well, they are good for a lot of things. They provide an easy way to information, enable answering calls and messages without a smartphone, and many other things.
Five smartphone accessories you need to have
With these 5 add-ons, your smartphone will be faster, more efficient, more attractive and safer. There are a wide variety of accessories on the market Depending on their purpose, material and trade, the prices are different. We investigated which must be purchased for your smart pet. Each supplement can be found in stores, but they are cheaper on eBay.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
We had the EOS 5D Mark IV in our hands on a real life review. It's Canon's top model for professional photographers and video enthusiasts. We tried the new Dual Pixel AF, 4K, 1080p 60p video recording, and usability in low light conditions. Check our review with the video test.
  • Image quality and dinamic range
  • Ergonomics and responsiveness
  • Auto focus
  • Dual pixel focus for video
  • Touch LCD screen
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Lenovo Yoga Book
Lenovo Yoga Book 2016 with Windows 10 Pro is easily converted from laptop into tablet. It has a 10-inch Full HD IPS display and a large drawing area that turns into a keyboard. If you are looking for something portable and modern, check our review with video test.
  • Innovative concept
  • Supreme build quality
  • Advanced in comparison with proffesional tablets
  • 10-inch IPS screen with 1920x1200 pixels
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Canon EOS 80D
Canon EOS 80D, the successor of the popular model 70D, delivers improved Dual Pixel AF system, 3-inch touch tiltable LCD, 1080p video recording at 60p, and it's one of the most advanced APS-C DSLR cameras for advanced amateurs. See our review and video test.
  • Photo quality - new sensor
  • Dual Pixel for video
  • Ergonomics
  • Tiltable touch LCD
  • Advanced functions
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Lenovo C2 Power
We picked a convenient smartphone Lenovo C2 Power. It has a 5-inch HD display, 8MP rear and a 5MP front camera, somewhat weaker chipset, but it sports the latest Android Marshmallow. See our review and video test for C2 Power.
  • Good ergonomics (virtual keys are separated from the screen)
  • Powerful 3500 mAh battery
  • 5-inch screen and automatic lighting sensor
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Pros and cons of VR: How VR headsets affect on our brains
Like any new technology, the VR has caused divided opinions. Some enjoy the benefits of virtual gaming, while others warn on the dangers of dependence on virtual reality, and harmful effects on social skills. Although, still unexplored area, VR already shows great potential for the development of many industries. Some of them might surprise you..
Bluetooth 5: Everything you should know
Following its announcement back in June, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) a few days ago revealed that the specification of enhanced Bluetooth 5 was completed and ready for installation in gadgets of worldwide manufacturers.
How modern technology changes our brain
You are not aware of it, but technology is changing your brain right now, while you reading this text. Research shows that the use of technology in everyday life significantly affects the processes in our brain. We became forgetful, our concentration is weakening, but on the other hand, we have developed better visual skills and the ability to multitask.
OLED technology is becoming a standard
LG celebrates a double 60 years since of production of the first TV. Although, they were late in implementing new technology, LG made the biggest progress in developing the OLED technology. So, we will explain what's the story about OLED.
How to add numbers on Xperia virtual keyboard
I saw that some Sony Xperia phones can add numbers to the top as a fifth row of virtual keyboard as plenty of Samsung and LG's have numbers on top. Can my Xperia Z have numbers and how do I set it up in the settings to display numbers on top of the virtual keyboard?
Canon 5D Mark IV: The (r)evolution?
Canon 5D Mark IV: The (r)evolution?
Autor: Marko Šolić
Canon 5D series has over the years become tested "workhorse" of various kinds of professional photographers, but most adored by wedding photographers. Can Canon keep up with the arrival of increasing competition from Nikon and Sony?
Androids are better, iPhones are more expensive. Here's why
Androids are better, iPhones are more expensive. Here's why
Autor: Dominik Gašparić
After late coffee break with editor I couldn't sleep. Maybe because of the editor, more likely because of iPhone SE. Even though I believe that top Android devices exceed iPhone in every possible way (better camera, long-lasting battery, sharper screen with better color reproduction, customization, better sound quality...) for average iPhone you still have to pay quite more than Android equivalent.
Every home will have a 3D printer?
Every home will have a 3D printer?
Autor: Ivo Maric
It's really difficult to find someone who hasn't heard about 3D printing yet. In lots of media you can find news about 3D printed guns, airplanes, cars, houses and organs. There is a magical aura around 3D printers, they are treated as devices straight from science fiction that will change the world as we know it and allow anyone to produce anything they want by simply pushing a button. The reality is much different.
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DSLR accessories that every beginner needs
Having only a DSLR camera is not enough for a good photo. In addition to the knowledge, you need to have a few extra accessories that will enhance the quality of your photos, and we bring them in this text.
Advantages of IPS display
From the screen which we watched, we came to the display that we can touch. In this evolution diagonal grew, and so have advanced a variety of display technologies (matrix). One of them, today synonymous of quality is IPS.
Hello World! GdgtCompare is launched...
Hello guys! We present you, our new english based website for portable gadgets comparison. We will be covering news, reviews, topics and a lot more.
[VIDEO] Hands-on preview: Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5
New series of smartphones from Samsung consists of Galaxy A5 (5-inch) and Galaxy A3 (4.5-inch) beautifully designed and shaped in metal body, with slim design and advanced hardware inside. We tried them out shortly after Samsung's presentation.