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Članak - First hands-on preview: Lenovo Vibe X3
For a few days we had the opportunity to try new Lenovo Vibe X3 - the most powerful smartphone from of this manufacturer. It has a large 5.5 inch screen in a slim body, while all other specifications are on a high level. Check more below in the video.
Članak - Our first hands-on preview: Logitech MX Master
For review we got a mouse! And it's not just any mouse. This one could eat a cat or two. It is the most advanced Logitech's mouse so far, with the design of aircraft fighter jet and a bunch of advanced options. First impressions in using Logitech Master are below in the video.
Editor's choice
DSLR accessories that every beginner needs
Having only a DSLR camera is not enough for a good photo. In addition to the knowledge, you need to have a few extra accessories that will enhance the quality of your photos, and we bring them in this text.
Advantages of IPS display
From the screen which we watched, we came to the display that we can touch. In this evolution diagonal grew, and so have advanced a variety of display technologies (matrix). One of them, today synonymous of quality is IPS.
Hello World! GdgtCompare is launched...
Hello guys! We present you, our new english based website for portable gadgets comparison. We will be covering news, reviews, topics and a lot more.
[VIDEO] Hands-on preview: Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5
New series of smartphones from Samsung consists of Galaxy A5 (5-inch) and Galaxy A3 (4.5-inch) beautifully designed and shaped in metal body, with slim design and advanced hardware inside. We tried them out shortly after Samsung's presentation.