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Članak - The best cameras on budget smartphones
Cameras are one of many things customers look at when buying smartphones. Of course, in a world that becomes more and more visually oriented, it is worth having a good tool for photographing yourself, friends, nature... But, you do not have to get deep in your pocket to get quality photos from your smartphone. We have found 5 affordable and quality smartphones with respectable camera quality.
Članak - Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything you should know
After Note 7 debacle, everyone has expected Samsung to stop further production and development of this smartphone series. But Samsung did exactly the opposite, and now the first rumors appeared on something that should be presented in next few months as the Galaxy Note 8. We will update the text with new information, as we have been doing it up to now.
Uređaj - Samsung Galaxy S8+
Galaxy S8 + is the largest Samsung's flagship ever, which has a 6,2-inch screen diagonal, massive storage, octa-core chipset, and novelties such as USB 3.1 Type-C slot, and Bluetooth v5.
Uređaj - Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new flagship that delivers superb octa-core chipset, large memory, good battery life, but also novelties such as USB 3.1 Type-C slot and Bluetooth v5.
Članak - Samsung revealed Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
Finally, that day has come. Yesterday, Samsung presented its flagship models for this year. It is the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus, which should be presented at the end of February in Barcelona. But it was worth waiting. Now we have two top models, and you can read everything about those in our article.
Članak - Do we need AI assistants?
Artificial intelligence assistants or, as we like to call them, virtual assistants, are increasingly coming to the consumer devices (smartphones, tablets, smart home systems, etc.). Well, what are they? How do they work? Do we need them? Find out here.
Članak - The best 5 used smartphones (2016/2017)
Many of us want to have the best smartphone, but some can't afford it and all. One option is to purchase used top model, that was popular two years ago. All smartphones on this list have slightly thicker profile, in comparison with the latest models. Also, their batteries most likely do not work as well at the beginning, so it is advisableable to include the cost of a new battery in the price.
Članak - What to expect in 2017.?
Many exciting things will happen in 2017. As per usual, smartphone manufacturers will announce many interesting flagship devices and mid-rangers throughout the year and compete for consumer attention. If you're wondering which smartphones we will use this year, you are at the right place.
Članak - Samsung Galaxy S8: Everything you should know
What brings new Samsung Galaxy S8? That's the question which bothers lovers of Samsung's smartphones worldwide. So far, hundreds of rumors about the design and capabilities of this smartphone turned up, and it has yet to see the light of the day. We bring you the most important, but also most likely features of this new flagship.
Test - Big Brother's eye: Samsung Gear 360 review
Capturing in 360 degrees is slowly becoming a trend. Samsung Gear 360 is one of the first camera that photographs and does video all around you. Also, it offers a mobile application, and a computer program that fully illustrate the recording in 360 degrees. See our review and video test.
Članak - The best smartwatches in 2016
Smartwatches are still unknown to many people for a good reason. Usually nobody needs them during the day, and some of the best watches are too expensive. Well, they are good for a lot of things. They provide an easy way to information, enable answering calls and messages without a smartphone, and many other things.
Članak - Top 5 wireless in-ear headphones
Wireless headphones have recently become a hit, mainly because Apple introduced ones with its new iPhone 7. Although some models are very easy to lose because of their size, others provide a listening experience wired headsets, depending on the quality of the Bluetooth connectivity. We have singled out top five in-ear models.
Članak - We've selected 5 best tablets in 2016
This year brought out a handful of innovations in the world of consumer electronics. So, there are some interesting tablets on store shelves. We have singled out the top five that are currently available on the market with a few hidden classics.
Uređaj - Samsung Gear 360
Samsung Gear 360 is a camera with two fisheye lenses, that can take pictures and videos under 360° in HD, and is compatible with smartphones Samsung Galaxy S6/7 or Note5.
Članak - OLED technology is becoming a standard
LG celebrates a double 60 years since of production of the first TV. Although, they were late in implementing new technology, LG made the biggest progress in developing the OLED technology. So, we will explain what's the story about OLED.
Članak - Top 5 smartphones with long battery life
Battery life is one of the most important things when buying a new smartphone. This is especially true for those who cannot spend even one hour without their mobile phones. The battery life on your phone under somewhat stronger workload is approximately one day. But if you aren't sure how to choose a durable mobile phone, we have chosen five devices with the most durable batteries for you.
Članak - What does Android 7.0 Nougat bring
OTA update is available for Google devices: Samsung Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, Motorola Nexus 6, the HTC Nexus 9, the Asus Nexus Player, Google Pixel C and Android One General Mobile 4G. The first device with Android 7.0, which is not made by Google, will be the LG V20.
Članak - Galaxy Note 7: everything we know (rummors)
We're getting closer to August 2th, date when Samsung will officially present this year's Note. It is expected that it will go on sale a week or two after that big date. Pretty much we know everything about Note 7, but perhaps the sweetest things are kept for presentation.
Uređaj - Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)
Samsung's best low-end segment device for 2016, offers solid performance, large battery and latest Android for a favorable price. Check out all the features.
Članak - Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 7 Edge?
From the first Note models Samsung popularized large diagonal screen phones, which were very well accepted by users. We are now awaiting the arrival of the sixth generation of the popular Samsung phablet (a combination of mobile phones and tablets). So here's what the rumors say
Test - Perfect number: Samsung Galaxy S7 review
The seventh generation of Samsung's top model is even better than the previous S6. It comes with amazing cameras and boosted specifications in the a waterproof case. Check our test and video reviews for Galaxy S7 and find if it's worth the switch to the latest generation smartphones.
Editor's choice
DSLR accessories that every beginner needs
Having only a DSLR camera is not enough for a good photo. In addition to the knowledge, you need to have a few extra accessories that will enhance the quality of your photos, and we bring them in this text.
Advantages of IPS display
From the screen which we watched, we came to the display that we can touch. In this evolution diagonal grew, and so have advanced a variety of display technologies (matrix). One of them, today synonymous of quality is IPS.
Hello World! GdgtCompare is launched...
Hello guys! We present you, our new english based website for portable gadgets comparison. We will be covering news, reviews, topics and a lot more.
[VIDEO] Hands-on preview: Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5
New series of smartphones from Samsung consists of Galaxy A5 (5-inch) and Galaxy A3 (4.5-inch) beautifully designed and shaped in metal body, with slim design and advanced hardware inside. We tried them out shortly after Samsung's presentation.